Smooth, stubble free skin that last for weeks. Who doesn’t want that?

Ladies, you may have tried waxing and loved it or hated it.

If you thought it wasn’t for you, let me encourage you to give it another go.  Times change and products and techniques improve.

Here at Bentley Beauty Station I use only top quality Perron Rigot wax and aftercare products.  I use different waxes for different parts of the body to ensure that your waxing experience is as comfortable as possible and gives silky long lasting results.

I am offering 10% off any waxing treatments over £10 booked before the end of May.

If you would like to book and need any pre or post wax advice get in touch on 07971 697637 or look at my website for further waxing information.

Pure Organics Manicure/Pedicure & Help Understanding the Symptoms of Menopause

Hasn’t it been wonderful seeing the glorious sunshine over the weekend and feeling its warmth on our skin.  With the clocks changing too, we are moving closer to getting our feet out from those socks and tights and baring them to the elements once again.
What better time then for me to introduce you to my new range of products for manicure and pedicure from Pure Organics.  This is a great opportunity for me to add to the natural and organic products that I already use in my services at Bentley Beauty Station, such as natural cocoa & shea butters & aromatherapy oils. Some of the benefits of this range are:

  •  Pure Organics® Diamond Crystals which are a pre-soak step designed to turn water into soft thermal beads that gently massage feet and legs whilst moisturising skin. The Diamond Crystals contain Konjac Mannan, which is derived from the native Asian plant’s root, this enables detoxification as it naturally swells in water, speeding up the excretion of harmful toxins from the body.
  • Sugar Scrub a natural exfoliant which leaves skin silky soft, doesn’t clog pores and contains natural elements that help condition and protect skin.
  • Purifying Mask which contains Bentonite Clay, a unique clay that absorbs toxins and impurities from the skin.
  • Massage Lotion an award winning lotion which contains Glycerin a natural humectant capable of absorbing moisture from the air and giving your skin a silky soft texture.
  • Cuticle Oil containing Avocado Oil this cuticle oil is able to work deeply into the skin throughout the day.
  • Ocean Salts which are full of minerals that are beneficial to health of the mind, body and soul.

So come and experience a Pure Organics Spa Pedicure for yourself which can be finished with either a long lasting nail lacquer such as Opi’s Infinite Shine or a gel polish finish, whichever you prefer, still only £25

unnamed (1)For those that maybe don’t know, I hold a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition, and used to work freelance as Champneys Forest Mere offering food sensitivity testing. Through this I try to live my life in a holistic, balanced way and so it has been my desire for some time to bring those elements into to my beauty business.

Largely due to the support and encouragement I have received from my dear friend Mandy Barrett ( also a qualified naturopathic nutrition practioner), I have spent the last few months refreshing and updating my knowledge and we have come together to form ‘Aspire2Health’.  Although we can still offer personal one to one consultations on any aspect of health and wellbeing that concern you, we are primarily focussing on helping women to navigate the menopause, right from peri-menopause through to post menopause and its related symptoms such as stress and depression.  As we are both experiencing a wide range of menopausal symptoms we feel a great empathy to women who feel overwhelmed with all the information that is available and would like help to find solutions that suit them as individuals.
We will shortly be arranging a coffee morning where we would like to form a small focus group of women, to establish what you would most like to find help for in menopause.  If you would be interested in being part of this focus group, please contact us through our Aspire2HealthFarnham facebook page or email

I do look forward to seeing you again very soon,
wishing you health and happiness


New Treatments to get you tip top for Spring!

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Hope January has been a good start to 2017 for you. To pass away these short dark days I have been adding some new certified skills to my service menu.
I am really pleased to be offering both Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting which can be tailored to your colouring or preference. These are quick affordable standalone treatment, but also are great add on when booking for your waxing or manicure/pedicure, for example. Eyebrow tinting and tidy £8, Eyelash tinting £10.
As you know I am already able to offer waxing hair removal for most areas of the body and use only high quality Perron Rigot waxing products for minimum discomfort.
Research has told me that many more women are now opting for a Brazilian or Hollywood wax. Preferring to remove most or all hair in the region. Some of you may be thinking that you would never consider having the treatment. I did wonder myself, but as with all good therapists you should never ask a client to undertake a treatment that you haven’t experienced yourself, so during training we did just that! And I have to say I may be a convert. There is a very clean and sort of liberating feel to being hairless.
Anyway if it is something that you are curious about but unsure, then why not try a compromise of ‘Dare to Bare’ In this way I would go in further than a standard bikini and then stop and assess how you feel. We leave it there if you are happy and maybe next time you might consider taking it a little further.
May I dispel any fears about going on all fours for a full Brazilian or Hollywood. It is perfectly possible to keep your dignity and remove hair from the region without that. I also promise that it is very discreet and can be performed whilst wearing a disposable thong. Using Perron Rigot Hot Wax I aim to reduce any discomfort as much as possible. And afterwards I will apply Perron Rigots’ wonderfully soothing post wax cooling gel and post wax Jasmine Oil.
I can’t promise you that it won’t hurt that first time, but I can promise that it is momentary and definitely gets better each time you are waxed ( as long as you don’t shave inbetween waxes!). And assure you that what happens in the salon, stays in the salon.

Top Tips For Waxing
Try and leave hair for at least four weeks growth for best results
To minimise discomfort particularly with intimate or facial waxing you may benefit from taking paracetamol or other painkiller(not aspirin as thins the blood) 30-45 minutes beforehand.
Many women can be more sensitive during menstruation so perhaps avoid those times
Exfoliate area the day before.
Try and relax. I can’t stress this enough. It will be a much more pleasant experience for you.

After Waxing
Wear loose fitting clothing
Avoid hot baths or showers for 24 hrs(warm is fine)
Avoid any other extreme heat, saunas, sunbeds, steam rooms
Don’t apply any toners, perfumed body products that might irritate those first few hours.
With intimate, avoid strenuous exercise, scratching, itching the sensitive area.
If you are feeling a little sore, products like aloe vera gel and Sudacreme, can be very soothing and calm any redness.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and if you have any questions about anything I have written so send me an email or call, text and I will be very happy to answer them.
I look forward to seeing you here for the treatment of your choice soon.

Best wishes

LashNV – Innovative Lash Lift System

img_2344Like the idea of thicker more voluminous lashes? Would like that that wide-eyed open look and to go without mascara? But don’t want to go for the full lash extensions.
Welcome to my  LashNV Lash Lift. This innovative technique will gently straighten the lashes rather than curl them. Together with a dark colour boost your lashes will instantly feel and look fuller, thicker and longer for 6 weeks or more.
It is a 45 minute relaxing treatment that requires no further maintenance. No top up, no infill, no extra cost.
Optional but recommended is the purchase of our LashNV Keratin based conditioner, which if you brush on once a day or so, will keep your lashes in beautiful condition and add to the longevity of the treatment.

I am personally loving this treatment as I have quite small eyes and never left the house without mascara before. It is a revelation to me !

See the gallery pictures and do get in touch if you would like to book or require any further information.

Waxing Aftercare

I really want your waxing experience with me to be as pleasant as possible for you. With this in mind please take a moment to read the following aftercare advice.
Avoid extreme heat of any kind for at least 24 hours as waxing can increase our body temperature. This includes hot baths/showers, saunas, jacuzzi’s, steam rooms. A cool shower would help to soothe if necessary.
Avoid exposure to UV light, sunbathing and sunbeds for 24 hours as burning can occur. The top layers of the skin are exfoliated/removed during waxing which can heighten our skins sensitivity to the sun.

Comfortable, loose, cotton clothing is recommended if you are feeling a little sore or sensitive as it won’t further irritate the skin and allows it to breathe and calm.

Avoid the use of any perfumed products, fake tan or deodorant on the waxed area for 24-48 hours as they could make the area sore.

To reduce the chance of ingrown hairs do take a few minutes before your bath or shower to dry brush your skin or use a good exfoliating scrub.  This will remove the upper layers of dead skin that may build up and trap the hair as it grows.

The good news is the more regularly you get waxed the easier this will become, so don’t be tempted to shave/epilate in between treatments.  Do let the hair grow for at least 3 weeks, preferably 4 for the best results and minimum discomfort.


Getting the best from your Gel Polish Manicure

You’ve just had

ibd Just gel polish purple paradise
ibd just gel polish Purple Paradise

your nails done and you’re loving the new, shiny colour and now you want them to last chip free!

Even with the best application, how you use your hands greatly affects the wearability of your polish. You have paid your hard earned money for your gels so read on and get the best out of them;

Try to think of your nails as precious jewels not tools.  Don’t pick at those labels, loosen the ring pull on the can with a knife before pulling on it.

Water is the enemy of the nail so do wear rubber gloves for washing up and household chores involving chemicals.

Avoid prolonged soaking in hot water in the bath, particularly in the first 24 hours.

Finally when you are sitting in front of the telly, take a minute to rub in a good cuticle oil into the cuticle and whole nail plate.  It helps keep the nail flexible, encourage healthy growth and to resist water.

You may be thinking this is a faff but I promise you it’s just changing the way you do a few things and will make so much difference to your gel polish wear, it will be worth it.

IBX Repair and strengthening treatments

The IBX System creates nail strength from within.

Three years in development it is the first treatment of its kind to penetrative and work inside the nail instead of sitting on top of the nail plate as traditional nail services do.

It is applied like a polish and penetrative into the nail using heat.  The excess is blotted off and then cured under a led light.  It’s that simple but so effective.

It works by fusing the layers in the upper portion of the nail together with an interpenetrating polymer network (IPN).  This formula locks itself into the nail plate and will never need removal.

A wonderful product if you want to improve the health of your natural nails  but also as the ultimate insurance policy when used under gel polishes.  Protecting against possible wear and tear from frequent removal of these polishes.  Can also extend the wear time of your polish.

Come and try it and after just a few treatments you will see and feel the differing the health of your nails.