Getting the best from your Gel Polish Manicure

You’ve just had

ibd Just gel polish purple paradise
ibd just gel polish Purple Paradise

your nails done and you’re loving the new, shiny colour and now you want them to last chip free!

Even with the best application, how you use your hands greatly affects the wearability of your polish. You have paid your hard earned money for your gels so read on and get the best out of them;

Try to think of your nails as precious jewels not tools.  Don’t pick at those labels, loosen the ring pull on the can with a knife before pulling on it.

Water is the enemy of the nail so do wear rubber gloves for washing up and household chores involving chemicals.

Avoid prolonged soaking in hot water in the bath, particularly in the first 24 hours.

Finally when you are sitting in front of the telly, take a minute to rub in a good cuticle oil into the cuticle and whole nail plate.  It helps keep the nail flexible, encourage healthy growth and to resist water.

You may be thinking this is a faff but I promise you it’s just changing the way you do a few things and will make so much difference to your gel polish wear, it will be worth it.

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