IBX Repair and strengthening treatments

The IBX System creates nail strength from within.

Three years in development it is the first treatment of its kind to penetrative and work inside the nail instead of sitting on top of the nail plate as traditional nail services do.

It is applied like a polish and penetrative into the nail using heat.  The excess is blotted off and then cured under a led light.  It’s that simple but so effective.

It works by fusing the layers in the upper portion of the nail together with an interpenetrating polymer network (IPN).  This formula locks itself into the nail plate and will never need removal.

A wonderful product if you want to improve the health of your natural nails  but also as the ultimate insurance policy when used under gel polishes.  Protecting against possible wear and tear from frequent removal of these polishes.  Can also extend the wear time of your polish.

Come and try it and after just a few treatments you will see and feel the differing the health of your nails.